.about kate


I am a writer and artist living in North Wales.

I am creative, quirky, awkward, strange, humorous, hopeful, quiet, fun, and inquisitive. {idiolalia. blue-green. mythopoeic. growing. in love & blessedly married}

I write articles and creative fiction of all kinds, for all sorts of uses, originating mostly just from madly writing on my own and being drawn into Things. I’ve been published in the North Wales Weekly News on a regular basis this past couple of years, and am open to new opportunities. I am constantly experimenting with my writing, and I’m hoping to publish more in the future.


Reviews for :idiolalia

“Gough’s poems are excessive and wonderful and full of surprises. Like all good art, they trip us into a fuller experience of our own lives. She can make a leaf or a line break into just the insurrection we need to feel the moment, and transcend it.”

-David Kopp, Executive Editor, Multnomah Books

“Mary Kathryn Gough’s poetry revels like that of e.e. cummings, dances like that of Mary Oliver, and prays like that of Gerard Manley Hopkins. But the shimmer and energy between each word is hers alone.”

-Kathleen Popa, Author of To Dance In the Desert and The Feast of Saint Bertie


I gobble books.

I tend to critique and rewrite them between sittings as well.

They’re a little like teddy bears… they get worn and well-loved. Some of them might even be missing eyes.

In fact my favorite copies of the best books for my soul no longer have a cover. They have very handy, well-themed bookmarks… ;)

Ah, the desecration of true love.

As ‘the One’ (you all know who it was for you) who’s wandered around since before anyone can remember with her nose in a book, feeling for curbs with her feet and ignoring ‘the Scene’, the one who stayed in the library during every break and couldn’t decide between her mind and her stomach at lunch (wasted time and all that)… I thought it my place to offer up some of my literary gems for inspection by the masses. And perhaps warn you off the real klonkers.


(thank you xkcd.com)

I have a BA in Philosophy from Calvin College and simply adore puzzling out the universe. I’m always up on my toes, reaching for the next question and internalising everything I see, read, hear, or experience, ready to apply where appropriate.

When I was 11 years old and on an extended vacation, I found myself inexplicably drawn to Aristotle’s Physics in a bookshop. I innocently plodded through it with care and mounting excitement, thrilled that one could actually pen this meaty sort of exploration and… I just never stopped.

Philosophical exploration suits the joining of my mind and heart and companions me in the thoughtful, Heideggerian way I desire to be living of my life as art. I hope to contribute something to others’ lives through the difficult and satisfying work I have put into this discipline.



I like using any and every type of ‘thing’ I can collect or create some way of using for an interesting purpose. I may take years creating those ‘ways’.

I love art and appreciate it, but more than that, I dream in art, dogged by odd visions that I have to go to great lengths (and be very patient) to learn how to achieve.

I don’t have a lot of training, but I have home-grown many a method and have spent lots of time refining techniques.

I like every sort of medium – digital and physical – in fact the more I am able to incorporate into a piece while keeping it composed, the happier I am! It’s all a goodly flowing mess, but hey…

Wild patience and fearless diligence, eh?

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