Thank You, Dr. Seuss

Thank you, Dr. Seuss
for speaking for the Truffula trees
for the brown-bar-ba-loots, the
swomee-swans, and the humming-
fish — and all those whose blood
in some way becomes the many fine
objects, the many somethings that
someone thinks everyone needs.

Thank you, Dr. Seuss,
for the mossy old Lorax —
because Truffulas have no tongues,
because animals sacrifice mutely,

and because blood can never,
ever be re-paid
in Thneeds.

c. Kate Gough
The Cypresses are always occupying my thoughts. ~ Vincent Van Gogh
Please go look at this beautiful painting:

2 thoughts on “Thank You, Dr. Seuss

  1. My mind, Katie, doesn’t work in the same way as yours. Mine is so much more restricted than is yours which is so much free’er than yours. I think it is wonderful that you and your mind have the capacity to create so much! May God bless you and Tim!

    It is so good to hear from you and I heard from Tim only a couple of days ago. Great!!!
    I can receive e-mails, but have not been able to send e-mails recently, so this may not go through. I hope Willow Valley service will be here today to fix my e-mail problem

    Granddad H.


    1. Hi Granddad,

      Got it! A little late (oops!), but it’s good to hear from you! Thanks for trying other avenues. Any luck with fixing ye ol’ email yet? I’ll try and send you another good email in the very near future. All our love and hugs from Wales!



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