^folk, (o)=e

excerpt from my journal: ——————— "I think there’s really something magical about folk music. I’m sitting in Connemara in a pub and there’s these 3 guys just chillin’ with a few traditional instruments (staples. guitar, accordion, folk guitar, mandolin i think…?). Every time I listen to this stuff I get swept away to another world…Read more ^folk, (o)=e

Fragile Feet Hold On

the day is finally peaceful enough for me to sit. Still. __________________ small birds cheep, tweet, warble, sing small songs & weave small loves of small things long gone), and in- between run darker, thicker threads on sounding-looms almost too low to hear, large as the shadows of moving maple leaves in the milky eyes…Read more Fragile Feet Hold On


.rest ~ why is it that by night the world draws on garments of familiarity (comforting as an old and beloved blanket: a gentle guise devised of moonlit floors, leaves over- shadowing walls with quiet motions and nurturing instinct, nursing over- stimulated eyes with a simple cadence, simple cadence, cadence...). {darkness} the secret of the…Read more .Rest~