Memo # 12

I have finally instituted a writing day for myself. Non-interpretive, uninterrupted. Awesome. There is a rose on my desk from Valentine's Day, I've eaten a delicious maple & pecan pastry, I've replaced the ink in my printer, and I'm armed with a belly-mug of tea. First, a meditation. My favourite thing this week is a…Read more Memo # 12

From For the Light

Solstice There is little snow on the ground when you begin your morning walk on this the shortest day of the year. This is the season of gathering cold, the fading memory of spring. Light flows slowly through the woods, a light you could harvest like grain or scoop into your astonished mouth the way…Read more From For the Light


Tuesday, February 21, 2006 Crypt ~ Marykathryn ~ 2.14.06 Valentine's Day. Indeed. Don't know what to say about that. I want to write about St. Paul's Cathedral and the feeling I get when Walking on the Dead. walking here i would that i could float; rectangles of heavy stone laid against one another and mortared…Read more fragment:Crypt


the wet outside tamps down the dust in my soul, clearing my throat and freeing me to B R E A T H E – – – –            ~ more, more, moremoremore:givemeMOREec- static – set loose – whatcouldido today? Possibility and opening must be often (while not always) triggered by the physical. . .…Read more Active

Ideas/Dried Roses

Tragedy, do you understand? the Tragedy of ideas pinned up like roses on the corkboard of Reason -- concepts crucified, the souls contained within run out like life-blood, drained now, paperthin, these Words this Meaning which should have been able to encompass nations, reach out through universes, and embrace Truth are simply Roses -- dried,…Read more Ideas/Dried Roses