Ideas/Dried Roses

Tragedy, do you understand? the
Tragedy of ideas pinned up
like roses on the corkboard of
Reason —
concepts crucified, the souls contained within
run out like life-blood, drained now,
paperthin, these Words
this Meaning which should have been
able to encompass nations,
reach out through universes,
and embrace Truth
are simply Roses — dried, cracked tributes
to a life and power unSeen
hanging pinned securely to the material world,
lifeless, powerless, limited;
an empty, brittle shell —
concepts of Meaning are crucified
by legalistic minds whose souls are
running out like blood from stone-cold hearts
even as they wonder at the loss of warmth,
movement and power, the river of motion
which is able to recognize and embrace
the fullness of Ideas is slowing, its language
quieting, softening, soon the soul-river, drained, will stop speaking.

c. Mary Kathryn Gough, June 9th, 2001

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