My own particular brand of bleak is firm, and unambiguous enough to recognise our dark as a basic truth: the world-rending fire of the human soul is fearsome, yet only another face of the death seeded so deeply within us. But bleak is neither black nor white, only barren -- and what is barrenness but…Read more Realism.s


at the end of days all days, including today, I am terrified of tomorrow, as if every sleep is a death, a dreamless, black hole that will drain away and shadow all future colour and life ~ I know it not to be so, but there is knowing and there is knowing, and until I…Read more Potent.ial


The world gets into our pores and writes on us lines with the clay of earth, warmth of sun bite of wind caress ; sorrow & joy clog our faces with our insides, the experience of our lived Grind:connected. Existentially, we are slow-born sculptures that tell of a daring hand a fiery eye, laced with…Read more Pores