Connection and Peace.

We come with no knowledge to this place and share nothing with each other of the essential key that grows inside us like a living being, limned in gold, far more precious than the blatant, bleating answers we all seek, and seeking, sometimes find. That essence is more powerful than any knowledge gained or lost, a home for that which is most human in us, shining dully in the dark and often ignored, shoveled over, or burnt to ash – whereupon we must start over again tending to its tiny new growth.

Communicating this essence is equal parts art and accident, a fortunate conjunction of partial, painstaking outlines filled in beneath our consciousness by the divine. Many say true communication is impossible, and to some degree they may be right, but there is a force at work in and around us represented by all that is dearest and most beautiful to us – as well as all that we least understand with our weary forebrains – weaving through and sustaining our every moment, if we would but listen out for its white space within all, and this force is able to convey between and connect any thing that we are not.

Faith in that is what keeps our essential natures vibrant and filled with growing golden light – the living, moving glory we were created to be in the once-upon-a-time of all that is. The best of us is the perfect balance between this divine connectedness and our many distinct, separate beings growing light from within. Our very finiteness is what protects our growth and development each, the ecstatic and inexplicable joining of beings in moments over time and dimension is what grows something bigger and brighter than we could fathom, a joining that we could never achieve by our own precision, effort, or desire. A world of exponential change and growth toward the wholeness of all – alight like a spiritual sun, like goodness itself.

The possibility of real connectedness becomes reality in full only through faith and openness, and sometimes even against our will – for it has only coincidentally and in part to do with our own wills. Only a continuous, many-flavoured, dependent be-ing goes through actual change and begins to grow inside like the moon – slowly, yes, oh-so-slowly more light is wrought! And our souls become an undiscoverable aggregate of purity, our connectedness an inexpressible harmony.

This is love.

It begins with the substance from which we are made, and by countless acts of divine connection, changes all.


by Kate Gough, 31/1/20, journal

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