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Shroud *i.


The leaves’ backs are bowed
under the weight of an orphan
snow. Steadily, steadily,
a forlorn blanket hides the
bright greens and muted grays of
an accosted April night,
blustering acidly about the day’s
clean yellow tulips and
gracing sun-kissed surfaces with
abrasive white garments.

Appalled at the decay of Spring’s
burgeoning beauty, I see
Snow caressing tree-trunks : seductive,
consuming, unwilling to be
abandoned. forgotten. left

Her death-shroud touch darkens my sight
with the achingly slow weight of Sorrow, a stone
growing heavy in my heart: the passing of

c. Mary Kathryn Gough
May 23, 2005 / edit i: 7/19/05 / edit ii: 2/28/06/ edit iii: 2/27/11/ edit iv: 12/10/11
Shroud, Part One

To Still the Striving

even the lilies of the field
have growth pains– bursts of
   the touch of sunlight
   the nearness of neighbor
   the feel of whisping grasses.
their bells, like ears, enjoy
a perpetual tide of soft change:
a)n almost im(perceptible music.
remember sped-up science videos
of growth, of opening flowers?
remember how sometimes
tiny bits of struggling botany got stuck
together? how stretching meant
  ^  sep  ^  par  ^  rat  ^  ting  ^
things that were tangled, meant delicately
detaching disbalanced (s)well(s) where
process had outgrown symmetry, where
millions of the infinite places
flesh|metselfsame|flesh sought freedom
such that still only one remained,
more glorious than had it ceased its struggle.
slowly. silently. quietly content,
tongued petals unfurl.
reach out. invert themselves
vulnerably to elemental warmth,
nature’s nourishing.
see? the lilies of the field
but worry not:

Let Us Be
c. marykathryn gough/ edit.jan30.06 / edit.sept30.10/ edit.Oct30.11
Matthew 6 : 28-29 / Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow. They toil not, neither do they spin,and yet I say unto you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.