again and again
overwhelmed by tears that do not come

heating my face, burning my eyes, stoppering
my throat like a cork in a bottle

the possible and the real take a back seat to
everything that is not
the darkness i feel, like

my soul evaporating within

c. Kate Gough, 17.11.2017


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:Scarred Sky Weeping:

this cool breeze reaches me through crAcked

this window, freshly filled

my lungs, with oxgyen-laden

truths. my ears taste

tiny drops of rain — so many

millions hit smooth decking at

Once: jUmp,

lay still.

my senses are soothed, surrounded

by the joining of guitar chords dancing

heart-to-mind-to-fingers and the sound of

rain-drip-dropping, pat-a-rat-tatting, sky

rushing grey, rolling clouds; the breeze

follows me, filling the vacuum left

by my leaving, slowly waving

branchedly knobbled arms

goodbye ~

somehow knowing

i cannot



God plants raindrops for me whenever I leave

a place, and one day

wild roses will rise, full of

color and life, and someone

else will enjoy

the smiling face of the sun, sharing a

hope in which I have(Here)

no deep-seated belief.

While I (irrevocably, irretreivably Here),

solidly set upon this aching earth(for what

i hardly yet know),

I often embrace this darkened sky’s tears,

clouds veiling its face from cruelty,

from injustice: the lack-of-love this world

exudes. And yet

I dance also, dance among

drops of an annointing I have a whole Life yet

to understand in full.

)Grace and life are just around the corner, always,

in our pockets, in the eyes of the homeless,

the abused, the lost and weary — if we could just

See the chemical change from death to life

occuring all around us

in every heart,

it would begin in our own…(


crAcked, they call me.

i feel Open, Open to join this wind, covering

the sky’s scarred face

from further marring.

my love rests with the heart of this sorrowing sky; vast

compassion, she Understands, waits on the workings of

Salvation (which we insist

is already here, Universal.)Not true! Redemption is so

personal, so

unique and ‘lone– gloriously so– and yet

Here i find the universe

is honest enough to Mourn

for the Broken. . .

{They Shall Be Comforted.}


c. Mary Kathryn Gough

11/03/05 12.01 pm

3/30/06 11.32 am London

5.13.06 6.36 pm London

conservation of matter / energy

woke this morning, lifted salty
eyes to a small window frosted with chill.

condensed upon the pane: night’s dew
from my cheeks and shining eyes, transformed.

outside, dark-needled giants bow, scrape
Earth, weighed down with the
weight of my
white as snow.

somewhere, a cardinal wreaks havoc.


c. Mary Kathryn Gough
11/9/05 11.53 am oregon cabin
(abt 11/7/05, unexpected snow)
small edit: feb 17 2010 1.44 pm london

Wings IV

wings, great w i d e
silverswimming wings overhead
drew a single shadow
on the ground, in
my heart of hearts.

than the pupils of my eyes,
swimmingly azure with unshed

when the heart tears
it bleeds bright skyblue(the origin
of worldly-wondrous colors is
far wider, far more v a s t and
than anyone imagines,says
dreaming me)you

swam, silvery-smooth and raylike
~ .slow. ~
through the outpouring of
my he ^ art:

carried upon that
flow, you must know
that the silver shadow you
cast from above i carried

heavily, and its darkly-filled pattern
dimensions innumerable within and

without, was even in
the raindrops


as they picked up velocity, substance,
shape, also they took
the vague and hollow imprint

of remnantly drawn you, through
air, cloud, and increasing quantities of


then, a brightness all afresh left me
awash in newness of love and

of blessing filled me with colors all-hued
glorious as a rainbow burst in upon my
consciousness in the midst of grey rain;

testimony to sunshine and a promise of

c. Mary Kathryn Gough, July 2007, SCM