An Ode to Books

Dearest People, Books are brains, inside-out. Books are impossible, archaic, odd, and easy to dismiss - but only if unread. When read, books show us everything that is Other. Our personal concepts of these things are unravelled, reveled in, and transformed in the journey of reading - a private paroxysm of epiphanic communication. Life previously…Read more An Ode to Books

^folk, (o)=e

excerpt from my journal: ——————— "I think there’s really something magical about folk music. I’m sitting in Connemara in a pub and there’s these 3 guys just chillin’ with a few traditional instruments (staples. guitar, accordion, folk guitar, mandolin i think…?). Every time I listen to this stuff I get swept away to another world…Read more ^folk, (o)=e

Oliver Wendell Holmes

- When I feel inclined to read poetry, I take down my dictionary. The poetry of words is quite as beautiful as the poetry of sentences. The author may arrange the gems effectively, but their shape and lustre have been given by the attrition of ages. - -- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., writer and physician…Read more Oliver Wendell Holmes


I want to reclaim so many words from the INDUSTRIES of today: --- Reverberate is a wild, wide, ecstatic word that could cover the earth with waves of pressure all by itself! The sound of a gong struck by Olympus-like gods --- huge and soul-changing, sweeping aside old leaves and leftovers for something fresh and…Read more reverberate.verb