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PS. I’m currently working on a new collection titled Faith & Forces

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 ~ a winter window

weakly thrashing, bony limbs
under the ministrations
of a light which provides no heat.

frozen rain falls steadily
bitter weeping melting flat white knives
into the tools i will use to stay alive
when all the tears are gone.

watching the weak, half-hearted
tossings and
turnings of a
slow, cold

c. Mary Kathryn Gough, Feb 13, ’05, edit Nov 16, ’11

Nature’s Marked

The tree outside my window
is mottled with rot, its green and yellow
leaves so lush and
vibrant with life now show
brittle, brownish black;

Nature’s marked
suicidal, burning holes in her own beauty,
wielding rays of sunlight like
cigarettes and crying spent leaves
like shivering tears dropping, dropping: {disappear}
Winter’s coming and she’s no faith
in the future.

Larger, ever larger
looms an inexplicable

c. Mary Kathryn Gough, 11/9/04 11.09 am