Idiolalia Poetry Collection Now Available!

Hello all 🙂 Thank you all so much for your support. Idiolalia is available straight from the printer now at 3 GBP or 5 USD each (or a cheaper PDF ebook copy). If you order from Lulu through the link provided here it should be sent straight to your house, super-easy. The price may change…Read more Idiolalia Poetry Collection Now Available!


It's pouring in clear sheets outside in the dark, and the trees' branches are like many arms in a wild dance with the wind... The sound of the water falling, making contact with earth and with my dwelling makes me content. I feel clean and whole inside. I pray this is not the last day…Read more Beauty

:Scarred Sky Weeping:

this cool breeze reaches me through crAcked this window, freshly filled my lungs, with oxgyen-laden truths. my ears taste tiny drops of rain -- so many millions hit smooth decking at Once: jUmp, lay still. my senses are soothed, surrounded by the joining of guitar chords dancing heart-to-mind-to-fingers and the sound of rain-drip-dropping, pat-a-rat-tatting, sky…Read more :Scarred Sky Weeping:

against another rain

these rains are soft and searching, long and lurching with the need that scrabbles deepwithin my chest for a toe-hold: one small crack in which to place a finger- nail but today my heart is obsidian ,smooth as glass, and that precious, ancient, spongey wisdom of Redwood is far from my stony mind and anguished…Read more against another rain


the wet outside tamps down the dust in my soul, clearing my throat and freeing me to B R E A T H E – – – –            ~ more, more, moremoremore:givemeMOREec- static – set loose – whatcouldido today? Possibility and opening must be often (while not always) triggered by the physical. . .…Read more Active

Liquid Language

two o'clock in the morning, dull and grey outside with the soft sound of (hundreds of thousands of) millions of raindrops springing out of the air and coming softly to rest on gravel, grass, snow, leaves, dirt, and rocks. Pitter-patterput-put-put, splish-splashand dripdrip-drop.   from a distance, the sounds run together and the resultant river sounds…Read more Liquid Language