Happy New Year Everyone!

I’m back.
2 really good quotes for everyone:

When the ancients said that the solitary was likely to be either a god or a beast, they meant that he would either achieve a rare intellectual and spiritual independence or sink into a more brutish and complete dependence.
{Thomas Merton}

And even those who are neither leaders nor heroes must arm themselves with that steadfastness of heart which can brave even the crumbling of all hopes. This is necessary right now, or else men will not be able to attain even that which is possible today.
{Max Weber}

3 of the many Superb Things from my Christmas Break:

1) staying with my parents-in-law, sleeping in & cozy blankets with all the time in the world.
2) surprised by my husband with a hotel stay, nice meals & shopping in chester on our way ‘home’ so i wouldn’t suspect!
3) an awesome phone convo with my mum and dad back in the states on christmas day.

I’ve been a little out of it over the Holidays in terms of blogging ‘n whatnot — sorries — & I promise to do better now they’re over.

Happy 2012. . .


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