It’s pouring in clear sheets outside in the dark, and the trees’ branches are like many arms in a wild dance with the wind… The sound of the water falling, making contact with earth and with my dwelling makes me content. I feel clean and whole inside. I pray this is not the last day of this storm — what Glory!
Your thousand limbs rend my body.
This is the way to die:
Beauty keeps laying
Its sharp knife
~Hafiz (love!)

c. Mary Kathryn Gough, journal excerpt fall ’05



The wild tossing
in the trees above me can be nothing but
an ancient dance of pure joy; lady Wind is
rushing through the scene, darting this way and
that, invisible to everyone. But my heart
joins in her feral laughter.

She is slim, kinetic, pale, and graceful: breath-
taking. Long, dark tresses flow as if floating in
water. Streaking with lighteningly quicksilver
movements, her bright, obsidian eyes glint out
from between-places, their volcanic treasure
somehow intensely cool and polished
like stars. An erratic comet weaving wildly
through the trees, she transforms the fields into
a blue and silver waving ocean.

All the way home, a wild, cleansing Wind
rushes coldly through my soul,
laughing for sheer joy.

c. Mary Kathryn Gough 3/29/03
edit: Mon December 5th, 2011 8.23pm wales


my favorite time of year is Autumn — not for the leaves
{undulating flames} but for the Air: electric,
crackling with the negative charge of storms to come
until my lazy lungs open and my body hums.

I love it for the incomparable clarity of breath
~ [empty], and the tingle in my skin that births
Anticipation —

The air changes, and I feel it in my bones as
stiff leaves rustle and
hiss out of the trees.
The wind brushes my face, cleansingly
full of sparks.

Everything speaks danger and ending now,
while life Endures,

c. Mary Kathryn Gough
Autumn 2009, edit1: Nov3,2011 (work in progress)