Meteora (c)


c. Mary Kathryn Gough
Black & White film
100 or 400, Jan 2005

Monastics used to climb up into these crags and crevices to pray and meditate. There were then monasteries built near the top of some, with wrist-thick rope nets let down on pulleys for visitors. Since then, steps have been carved into the steep heights to allow visitors a breathless ascent and a visit to a spectacular view and still working monasteries.


Liquid Language

two o’clock in the morning, dull and grey outside with the soft sound of (hundreds of thousands of) millions of raindrops
springing out of the air and coming softly to rest on gravel, grass, snow, leaves, dirt, and rocks.

Pitter-patterput-put-put, splish-splashand dripdrip-drop.


from a distance, the sounds run together and the resultant river sounds like
the spirits of gathering waves on a blue and misty ocean.

its rolling sound curls. curves. undulates, as though lady wind were struggling to find
words, but instead voicing pure emotion embossed with silver mist.

c. Mary Kathryn Gough
approx. 2002