:Scarred Sky Weeping:

this cool breeze reaches me through crAcked this window, freshly filled my lungs, with oxgyen-laden truths. my ears taste tiny drops of rain -- so many millions hit smooth decking at Once: jUmp, lay still. my senses are soothed, surrounded by the joining of guitar chords dancing heart-to-mind-to-fingers and the sound of rain-drip-dropping, pat-a-rat-tatting, sky…Read more :Scarred Sky Weeping:

cummings on love

this is one of my favorite poems about love. there are more, but this one always comes to mind, and it makes me happy. last thursday was our wedding anniversary, and it has been a beautiful and cherishing one, so i wanted to dedicate this post to tim. 🙂 all my heart & love to…Read more cummings on love