Shroud *i.

*i. The leaves' backs are bowed under the weight of an orphan snow. Steadily, steadily, a forlorn blanket hides the bright greens and muted grays of an accosted April night, blustering acidly about the day's clean yellow tulips and gracing sun-kissed surfaces with abrasive white garments. Appalled at the decay of Spring's burgeoning beauty, I…Read more Shroud *i.

conservation of matter / energy

woke this morning, lifted salty eyes to a small window frosted with chill. condensed upon the pane: night's dew from my cheeks and shining eyes, transformed. outside, dark-needled giants bow, scrape Earth, weighed down with the weight of my heart; white as snow. somewhere, a cardinal wreaks havoc.   c. Mary Kathryn Gough 11/9/05 11.53…Read more conservation of matter / energy

.:snow on tree trunks:.

light laces, sharply curving-- splits, forks through dark trees lancing upward, lightning-like into inky blackness, numerical arms branching, breaking earth Open and arcing out into Air. soft vibrations in limb and forest floor raise the stately head of a stag: sudden Awareness. c. Mary Kathryn Gough 2/22/05 4.06 am edit: 9/12/05 1.44 pm edit: feb…Read more .:snow on tree trunks:.