In Late November…

It is late November (yet again) and I have come across a beautiful lil’ post by C.B. Wentworth on gratitude. Suddenly filled with Thanksgiving, even here in Wales where no one thinks this is a time for Turkey (and what is this cranberry sauce business anyway?), I am returning to my roots.

31 Things I am Grateful for (I couldn’t stop with 22… in fact I wish I could keep going!):

1. My husband! I am so thankful for his unending love, support, and acceptance.
2. My simple little apartment, which is warm, not drafty, and has a working refrigerator and shower.
3. My friends & family, even though most of them are far away.
4. My parents-in-law, who are so selflessly supportive, generous, and kind.
5. My past.
6. Sunshine.
7. Mountains.
8. Hot, cooked food / baked stuff.
9. Books.
10. Art, music & creativity.
11. Tea, Hot Chocolate, & Hot Ribena.
12. Fruit.
13. Growing things.
14. Inventiveness.
15. Smiles.
16. Rest.
17. Challenges.
18. Dreams.
19. Ocean.
20. Rain.
21. Wind.
22. Meditation.
23. Warm socks.
24. My cosy bathrobe.
25. The view from my kitchen sink at sunset.
26. Candles.
27. Being trusted.
28. Being blessed by others.
29. Being alone.
30. Yoga.
31. God.

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