an abandoned subversion

… watching Fellowship of the Ring — thinking that we desperately need to keep alive certain fictions in our lives. The ones which invigorate our hearts to defy what is for the sake of what can be. . . Mythic culture is anti-realist, and yet it is the most true to Realism’s heart (don’t tell me that Realism was not spurred by something in the heart. the heart against fiction is the heart categorically against itself: disintegrated.) The reason mythic culture is the most true to Realism’s heart is because its purpose is to push us + give us the tools to truly meet reality as our ever-dynamic selves –> it’s very evolution in cherished existential re-telling + growth is the only real/true way to grapple with Reality while refusing to exclude our very Real Imaginations, Imaginations which are the only constructive (as opposed to recycled) way to humanly meet + respond to the solemn weight of what is laid out by the Realist agenda. There are fictions and there are Fictions. Some we need to let go of, and some we truly cannot afford to forget, lest we forget our very selves.

c. Mary Kathryn Gough, feb 27th 2009 teaCosy / a journal entry as written

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