Everyday Art

I’ve been experimenting with collage as an art form. Here are some of my early attempts. Currently I am working on a pair of side tables and a chest of drawers, both of which I’m really excited about. I’m soon to embark on a refurbishment of some tables and chairs in a local shop’s cafe as well. So much fun!


I gave away my earliest pieces, and recently made a stab at selling various things, all proceeds to charity.


The response has been good I think for early steps: while more items may have sold because of the charities involved, there was a lot of genuine interest in the pieces themselves — especially the larger ones, which weren’t actually for sale that day!

a bookshelf i finished for a friend :)
a bookshelf i finished for a friend this past year 🙂

Several people asked me if I had shown my work in art galleries at all — even if I had a gallery! Heh.


3 thoughts on “Everyday Art

  1. Beautiful work, these♥
    Thank you for sharing your light and for dropping by my site with your warmth.
    Do take care and stay awesome, too 🙂


      1. Thank you for your gorgeous compliment, kind friend♥
        That means a lot to me 🙂

        Do take good care and stay precious, too.


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