Hilariously Flippant Lecture Quotes !!!

Sometimes looking back at your class notes from University is really enlightening… other times… it goes like this:

don’t blame Catherine, Henry…we’ll get you some fertility counselling” (on Henry VIII)

wife #4 was just butt ugly, you know, being Dutch” (on Anne of Cleves (@ a Dutch Uni))

stronger the orthodoxy, stronger the proof” (on Fresian gin)

gold is worth s****!” (on colonization in Virginia)

these guys can’t organize lunch!” (on colonists)

you don’t love me – you’ve never charged me before” (on America toward England)

he can’t even commit suicide, he’s such a schmoe” (on Archie Jones in White Teeth)

shut up, boy, I know better” (to student)

I know how you feel, whatever your name is…” (to same student)

you’re just being cynical, ____ – I’m shocked” (dead pan)

there are some that disagree with me, but you know, they’re stupid”

never has my inner woman been more pleased” (pub-quote)

so piracy…like pirates?” (student)

So many belly laughs… maybe it helps to have been there. But still…



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