Augustine & Plato on Happiness of Soul… (II)

Although Augustine was strongly influenced by Plato, the two have clearly different ideas of what constitutes human Happiness. For Plato, justice, or psychic harmony, is the dominant component of happiness and must be present in order for happiness to be possible. This psychic harmony is unsustainable without wisdom, and therefore so is happiness; this means…Read more Augustine & Plato on Happiness of Soul… (II)

theMechanics.Of:ceratlone —

(Or Tolerance, in the common tongue) No one can be commended any longer for instilling values in others – least of all the young and impressionable. We used to think it was right to guide others or to advise them in times of confusion or growth, but we now realize that this was intolerant. No…Read more theMechanics.Of:ceratlone —


~*~ Good music, like Good anything in life, this life, so cannily, so cleverly and contextually compacted that, in the way of Good sake, its most intrinsic -----O----- quality is never its own goodness, but only a passive ~waiting~ pattern: WaVeSwhoseweaveandwarp leave r o o m for our humanity to spread itself like paint in…Read more Goodness