Good music, like Good
anything in life, this
life, so cannily, so cleverly and
contextually compacted that,
in the way of Good sake, its most
is never its own goodness, but
only a passive ~waiting~ pattern:
leave r o o m for our humanity
to spread itself like paint in the
between-places, a composition
completed only when deepened
by our thickness, dried by our
restless attentions, mixed by
our ingenuity, spread by our
hearts, weakened by our tears,
gouged by our dissatisfaction,
and glorified by our peaceful

an honest, praisewithoutpretense
human heart (the unicorn of ley)
shows forth always and best
the true colors of any work of art;
complimentary to creation, it

c. Mary Kathryn Gough
3.18.2008 london beckenham 13.29 pm

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