.:The Game:.

images c. Mary Kathryn Gough, 2000 Black & White film 100 One of my black and white photos. Don’t really have a lot of these scanned. And I miss my darkroom terribly! Sighs. One day…  


  you're \ \ \ so carefully constructed flaunting what you \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ think they want to see \ \ \ a rare yet \ \ \ ordinary concoction of \ exotic and reliable \ likeable, careful, reserved: never known. but when you look in the mirror thousands of…Read more Constructed

Wings IV

i. wings, great w i d e silverswimming wings overhead drew a single shadow on the ground, in my heart of hearts. darker than the pupils of my eyes, deepdoubletblueand swimmingly azure with unshed tears--- when the heart tears it bleeds bright skyblue(the origin of worldly-wondrous colors is far wider, far more v a s…Read more Wings IV