Meteora (c)


c. Mary Kathryn Gough
Black & White film
100 or 400, Jan 2005

Monastics used to climb up into these crags and crevices to pray and meditate. There were then monasteries built near the top of some, with wrist-thick rope nets let down on pulleys for visitors. Since then, steps have been carved into the steep heights to allow visitors a breathless ascent and a visit to a spectacular view and still working monasteries.



(Rhode, long lost, reaches open Ocean)

rocks, roaring on the rough-beaten coast
and i, atop the highest possible point
— gazing down.

a low, roiling roll drags
at my ears, my mind my
throat — over
and over and over
and over
; the silence rings
audibly, my gut stretched taut
as the substance of which I’m made
plucks at me, softly
lapping, saying

then ebbing —
backing away slowly,
washing out (wave by wave)
the defined feet
of criss-crossing birds and beasts —
]hu[man’s best friend,
four-legged, and the rays of He]lios[
who ought to have been my own companion…

now smoothed:
At Peace.

. . . again, that long, low voice
crashes round me – plays
my heart strings with
Unutterably deep knowledge –
you. Belong. here. . . creature of the Sea.’

c. Mary Kathryn Gough
10/27/05 5.02 pm
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