(Rhode, long lost, reaches open Ocean)

rocks, roaring on the rough-beaten coast
and i, atop the highest possible point
— gazing down.

a low, roiling roll drags
at my ears, my mind my
throat — over
and over and over
and over
; the silence rings
audibly, my gut stretched taut
as the substance of which I’m made
plucks at me, softly
lapping, saying

then ebbing —
backing away slowly,
washing out (wave by wave)
the defined feet
of criss-crossing birds and beasts —
]hu[man’s best friend,
four-legged, and the rays of He]lios[
who ought to have been my own companion…

now smoothed:
At Peace.

. . . again, that long, low voice
crashes round me – plays
my heart strings with
Unutterably deep knowledge –
you. Belong. here. . . creature of the Sea.’

c. Mary Kathryn Gough
10/27/05 5.02 pm
edit: 2/14/06 12.40 pm
edit: 5/11/06 3.22 pm london
edit: 2/17/12 9.24 pm wales

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