A Strategem for Sound Realism

For each one of us, the proffered fascade of the ‘Real’ must be apprehended as a substantive, solid box, accepted, and then entered into subversively in order to be appropriated truly as one’s own.  What can be touched and immediately sensed surrounds us, but it is an entirely Other realm in which we piece and sew and fuse and react with and upon these things. We are floating about inside a ‘Real’ box made up of our experiences, continuously entering it from one point and another and another and another — and it is a different substance entirely that surrounds us here — truly another realm. We seek, some of us more and some less, to find our way back to the center of the inside of our experiences in the ‘Real’ as those experiences multiply, the box itself expands, and our carefully measured longitude and latitude for returning to our point of origin seems to change exponentially hour by hour. But those realms of mind and soul are not commonly acknowledged to be any more than a fluke of natural selection. We are either the sperm whale or the pot of petunias, but in the end it is neither meaningful nor helpful to know what is in this realm of discovery or, conjointly, to find peace and familiarity with the central point of all our experience. Our deep desire to know is counted towards us as ridicule-worthy.

But how can this desire be so utterly useless as it has been painted by so many generations of flat-planed Realists? How can their own opinions be held by them in such high regard as to rise up against another’s precious beliefs? They must, I think, believe in more than they propose to, otherwise our very existence in this world is more than meaningless; it is an impossibly tense, beautiful and tragic outrage and whatever mind(s) exists when we expire should heave a sigh of relief. Each of us is somehow morally inferior for having presumed ourselves here in the first place. We are awkward things, doomed to destruction, and destroying ignorantly in plethora along our way while trying to ‘make up for it’ by trying to destroy ignorance. Any ultimate goal appears lost and without anchor. We are to make the best of this for little reason at all and wish the Real world and our descendants well for when we are gone. . . again, for little reason beyond the longterm existence of a happenstance species. Like trying to pin down an autumn leaf when, for good or ill, we have no right whatsoever, no passion, no love, no source for an ethical framework at all. What is the purpose of survival? One feels that nihilists have been on the right track, and that maybe the only ‘enlightened’ (for lack of a better word) beings on the planet are those we dope up to act like we-with-purpose-and-happiness… Awkward that science is so committed to lengthening the human lifespan and increasing health and vitality. You’ve got to ask yourself, like the Vogons who run the universe in Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy upon being Marvin-rayed, “Whassa point?” *Who wants to live forever?*

Is psychic weight denser than physical? Is supernatural substance more causal than natural? We’ve often seen instances of the so-called miraculous where the laws of physics in our experience-based reality were defied unbelievably, and some still cannot be explained. The premiere scientists of our day are still discomfited by them, struggling to simplify and codify them according to patterns we know already. Many have experienced mania that physically changes this purportedly solid, experience-based reality of ours. Others have witnessed the physical world truly changing mysteriously. We’ve well-documented instances of people praying together for Yahweh to come to them, and by all accounts He has shaken the earth, sent lightening, spoken to people, and raised the dead to let them know of His mighty presence. Still others have experienced in one form or another the effect of calling on the dead or on demons in seances and rituals of varying kinds. The results of these things are inexplicable, no matter how many chemicals we measure, personality tests we administer, or videotapes we attempt to make. The very tolerant world of today is on the brink of accepting the authority of insanity because we cannot expand our flat-planed, ‘Realist’ minds to humanely describe the complexity of a multi-dimensional experience. Because we refuse to acknowledge its mystery any longer, or the power of an all-embracing, spherical journey rather than a limiting A to B to C collection of ‘been-there-done-that-have-a-prescription-for-it’s. Our conception of identity has been gypped by a lie.

Like classical music, realism has the capability of structuring our brains and preparing them to receive and translate more weight into physical conveyance upon further exploration of modes — however, it is not to be accepted as the peak of civilization’s career in any sense. One cannot experience the real without appropriating it according to one’s own unique fingerprint, and this entails a subversion of the raw material of the real into self and then acting upon/communicating out of the result. There is no other way to have integrity in this world, or a healthy self image.

Every pleasure or pain has a sort of rivet with which it fastens the soul to the body and pins it down and makes it corporeal, accepting as true whatever the body certifies.
{Socrates (469–399 B.C.), Greek philosopher. Quoted in Phaedo, sct. 81, Plato.}

Next: need to address dimensions, physical/chemical trauma, mental instability and A Beautiful Mind, the value of seeing what ‘isn’t there’, the value of community/relationships/accountability following on from and overlaying that, and the equal insanities of getting stoppered up in single dimensions.

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